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Re: [K12OSN] Simplest way to sync users between linux boxes

> Do you mean just the login details (username / passwords) or the 
> homes dir's as well ??

Both.  I have never messed with the webmin cluster modules before.  Now I
have.  This morning I added the K12LTSP server to the managed server list. 
Then I syncronized the users between servers.  Seems to have worked very slick.  

I exported /home via NFS to the K12LTSP server from the file server.  Then
mounted /home via NFS from the K12LTSP server and set it to remount on login
every time.

Now I have a problem when logging in.  All of the desktop settings are from
the other box.  Things get a little stupid now when I log in.  Users do not
login to the file server, and will only log in to the ltsp server.

What is the best way to fix the user settings?  Do I just do a search for all
files under /home that start with .g?


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