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Re: [K12OSN] OO.o randomly closes

Calvin Park wrote:
Hello all,

I just had a student come to my office and report that when she opens OO.o
Writer (or any other app) it opens for about five seconds and then...BOOM!
it closes. That's not good at all. I had her show me, and sure enough, the
program comes up, sits there for around five seconds and then closes. In the
words of one astute computer guru, "That is not a good prize!" Now, it
doesn't happen on everyone's account, but there are multiple users
complaining of this problem. It works fine on a few other accounts though.
When OO.o shuts down I get,

Nov 16 08:30:23 dctserver htt_server[2424]: Client shut down the connection
owned by im_id(1).

So, anyone else experienced this problem? Any ideas on what I can do to
QUICKLY fix this problem. Running K12 FC3 release.

Calvin Park
System Administrator
Computer Services Department
Davis College: A Practical College of Bible and Ministry

email: cpark davisny edu
phone: 1.607.729.1581 ext 404
web: http://www.davisny.edu/csd

I'm not sure of the exact problem, but for OpenOffice there are only two
things that should differ between two accounts: their settings
~/.openoffice* and the user's files in /tmp/

If they don't have much customization to openoffice.org, I'd have them
nuke ~/.openoffice*  -- openoffice.org will rebuild that directory the
next time they run an OOo app.

They may also have something screwy in /tmp/. Have them log out and
remove any files owned by them in /tmp/  (or if it is easy to get
everyone to log out, remove everything in /tmp/ and reboot).


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