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Re: [K12OSN] SquidGuard client requests

Depending on how many different classifications of users & privileges you have, you could use dedicated app servers, one for each class. Then, depending on a given user's class, the icon for launching Firefox would call FF on the appropriate app server, and you could build your block lists on squidGuard based on the address of each app server. I can elaborate on this if necessary. Since the app servers are running just one app, FF, they don't need to be as speedy or have as much RAM as the terminal server; so older boxes, if you have them, might suffice for an app server. I can elaborate if you need.


David Neimeyer wrote:
I'm hoping to get some clarification:

Whether or not you are running a transparent proxy or not, there is no
way, outside of local apps, for ltsp clients to make unique address
requests to squid/squidGuard?

or to put it another way:

We have several clients, all serving different individuals with
different needs & privileges.  We require all individuals to go through
squid/squidGuard, however without local apps, their requests will be
issued from the ltsp server, not the client/originating mac or ip
address.  How does one solve this problem without local apps?

Many Thanks,

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