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[K12OSN] Re: slow as molasses

Peter wrote:

> Now when I start it up it's INCREDIBLY slow.  Like 10
> minutes to boot.  Really.  One might almost think it's frozen but it's
> just running really slowly.  Launching FireFox takes 30 seconds. I
> haven't made any software changes recently. The cpu usage is fine and
> I'm not inclined to think it's heat related.  I think maybe it's the
> drive but I can't seem to make a bootable dd image.  Has anyone had
> any experiences like this?


I once had a client call me to fix a machine that was molasses-like. The had gone into the BIOS and changed a cpu setting to Compatibility Mode. I doubt that's your problem, but thought I'd mention it anyway cause the symptoms match.

Jimmy Schwankl


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