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Re: [ok-mail] [K12OSN] Microsoft Win2003 Terminal Server licensing

On Nov 20, 2005, at 8:23 PM, John Hansknecht wrote:

Besides the Terminal CAL's that the others are mentioning you also need a 

Windows client license for each linux thin client.

That's actually where the savings comes in when using Linux.  You don't need a client license for the local thin client because you're not running Windows on the local client.  I worked with Microsoft on TS2003 licensing, and I had to purchase a CAL and a TSCAL for each connection made.  I chose user licensing, because it was for just my staff members.  If it was for a specific lab, I'd have gone with device licensing.

The client license is needed if you boot from *windows* (like win98) and start a client session with the actual "Remote Desktop Client" from Microsoft.  If you are using Linux and rdesktop, there is no local windows install to need a client for.

I'm very certain on that, because I spoke in length with Microsoft when we had are big rollout.


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