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Re: [K12OSN] Win2003 terminal server login

Rusty Pywtorak wrote:

On the terminal server (not the samba server), go to computer management
and find local users and groups. Check the membership of the group
"Remote Desktop Users." From there either add your user account or just
add the group "Domain Users" if you want everyone to be able to log in.
Rusty Pywtorak

Thanks that actually sounds like it's going to work will try it out in a day or two


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Hi there i finally got my Win 2003 Server to join my smbldap domain

But if i try to logon with a domain user on the windows terminal server
from an  rdesktop connection i get this error message

"The Local policy of this system does not permit you to login

I can login as "root" on the windows server


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