[K12OSN] A Beowulf server for K12LTSP?

Henry Hartley henryhartley at westat.com
Wed Nov 23 16:34:10 UTC 2005

>> I wrote:
>> This is a bit of an odd question, perhaps, but the company I
>> work for in my day job is surplussing a bunch of old Dell
>> 566MHz Celeron computers (128MB RAM, 10MB drives).  I know
>> they'd make perfectly nice client machines but that's not
>> usually the bottleneck.

Okay, as I suspected, that wasn't a brilliant idea.  

Anyway, our company (Westat - http://www.westat.com/) had an agreement
with an organization to get rid of any that didn't go in the employees
in the lottery so none were available in any case.  For the next surplus
giveaway, however, there is no such arrangement so I've been told I can
offer machines to schools with the understanding that Westat makes no
promises to have any particular quantity or any particular class of
machine available.  I was also told that the next employee giveaway was
scheduled to begin on December 7.  There may (or may not) be machines
left over from that giveaway and anyone from either public or private
schools (or any non-profit) who is interested can have as many as they
like, up to the number available.  The machines from the last round were
Dells with various speeds of Celeron processor (Optiplex).  Don't know
what's coming in the next round but probably similar.

The only real problem for most of you will be location as Westat is not
willing to ship them.  So, if you are

a) reasonably close to Rockville, Maryland or are willing to drive that
far and 
b) interested in one or more Celeron (or whatever is available)

let me know and I'll add you to the list in first-come, first-server
order.  I'd be willing to meet you half way, within reason.


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