[K12OSN] re: YUM, APT-GET or APTITUDE (Paul VanGundy)

Matt Oquist moquist at majen.net
Wed Nov 23 16:50:14 UTC 2005

> From: "Paul VanGundy" <vangundypw at sau14.k12.nh.us>
> Subject: [K12OSN] YUM, APT-GET or APTITUDE
> All,
> Which do you think is the best: YUM, APT-GET or APTITUDE? 
> -Paul

On Debian/Ubuntu, apt-get.  On Yellow Dog, I expect yum is the best.

I don't really like either of them on RH/FC/CentOS, but you gotta use
what you have...so I use 'yum' there.

Aptitude is just a higher-level tool than the apt-* tools, and while
I've never tried aptitude personally I've read disparaging things
about it.  Also, the apt-* tools roughly matched the level of
functionality I had formerly with 'emerge' and (much more formerly)
with 'rpm'.  All this is to say that aptitude isn't necessarily
"better" or "worse", it's just different.


Open Source Software Engineering Consultant
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