[K12OSN] automating rsync

Shawn Powers spowers at inlandlakes.org
Thu Nov 24 01:24:01 UTC 2005

On Nov 23, 2005, at 6:40 PM, Doug Simpson wrote:
> Is it possible to automate rsync so you can transfer files between  
> servers automatically? and have it auto-supply a password for the  
> remote end?

Yep, either NFS mount the directory (and rsync "locally") or set up  
ssh keys so that you can log in without being prompted for password.

The process for either isn't too hard.  If you can't google the  
answer, I'll take the time to explain the process further (or someone  
might reply with more instructions than I, but I have a lot of  
cooking to do, so I can't right now!)

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