Rép. : [K12OSN] ext3-fs errors, server not booting

Guy-Michel Lessard GLessard at cegepoutaouais.qc.ca
Thu Nov 24 13:04:46 UTC 2005

Not familiar with scsi raid but it is raid 1 (miror) so the same information should be on both. Can you separate the drives and force a copy with dd onto another disk for safegard, maybe try to work on the copy and not the original drive.
What is nice about ext3 is that you can mount it as ext2 without problem, i do it with Tombs rootBoot disquette or any linux distro.
There are commands to rebuild the journaling system but i dont have them on hand, i will be back later with this info.

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Question - I have a FC3 ltsp server (k12ltsp) that, after a reboot,
won't boot up. It is a hardware SCSI RAID 1 on two SCSI drives. Upon
rebooting, it drops me into a Grub prompt.  When I boot up in knoppix,
I can see 2 scsi drives, but trying to mount them fails. When I check
dmesg, I see the error ext3-fs group descriptors corrupted.  So it
seems it be an issue where the bootup sequence cannot find init.  I'm
not sure how to proceed from here though. I'm weary of running fsck on
the drive since I've known that to completely trash the drive data,
but I'm not sure if installing grub from the prompt will be the right



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