[K12OSN] gdm chooser.. howto?

Barry R Cisna brcisna at frontiernet.net
Tue Nov 29 00:01:45 UTC 2005

Thanks Rob & Sudev,

I did go through the gdm.conf file several times, trying different options
Bottom line is ,I never get the actual chooser to showup. All i ever get is
the "regular" "greeter" login. I guess I've never actually seen the
"chooser" window,or is this a "menu" item on the usual greeter window? I
went through all the documented "change the -query to -indirect,,and still
no joy.
Could someone possibly post their "chooser">>gdm.conf file,,for me to have a
gawk at it?
I also have the "indirect" checked on the login GUI/Gnome tool for setting
options for the greeter/login.but still no chooser "appears":(.
Have a good day...


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