[K12OSN] dhcp not authoritative question

cliebow at downeast.net cliebow at downeast.net
Wed Nov 30 02:31:42 UTC 2005

i have all alternate port dhcp if you need a hand...except for the
proprietary stuff like netvista and Macintosh..chuck

> On Tue, 2005-11-29 at 15:44, William Fragakis wrote:
> > We, of course, could put the clients behind a switch but that 
> > physically limits us to a server per class - because of the cabling 
> > layout - and I'd like (and have the horsepower) to serve more clients 
> > per server.
> > 
> > Could I hand clients a 192.168.x.x address (the win network is 
> > 10.x.x.x) and have them only talk to the k12server on the same network? 
> > Would this impact the 10.x.x.x Win PCs? Again, any other ideas I'm 
> > overlooking?
> .
> You'll break the existing network if you add another DHCP server. You
> either have to use separate networks (physical or VLAN) or configure
> your DHCP server to use an alternate port and use a corresponding boot
> floppy.  I haven't done this but it has been discussed on the list
> some time ago.  If you start with the alternate port approach, perhaps
> at some point you can get the Cisco dhcp disabled or modified so
> PXE booting will work.
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