[K12OSN] Choppy Audio During Major Screen Redraws

Carl Keil carl at snarlnet.com
Fri Dec 1 03:46:32 UTC 2006


Does anyone know the fix for this?  If I'm playing an mp3 and I scroll a 
web page, or if I'm playing something like Wesnoth with the background 
music on, the music gets all choppy (cutting in and out, garbled) while 
the screen is redrawing.  It almost seems like a bandwidth issue, where 
if the client has to do a lot of video work, the audio gets sacrificed.  
I think the video might be "skipping" as well.  Sometimes it will just 
jump to the next action or place and you don't see the intervening 
scroll.  Does anyone know a solution for this?  I'd like smooth audio 
*and* video.

K12ltsp 5.0.0
NTAVO 6030P terminal

Does the monitor type and mouse type matter?  I'm using default lts.conf 
settings. DevonIT suggested I try the vesa XServer driver, but I'm 
pretty sure that slows things down a lot. 

I have the server and clients on a gig switch.  It doesn't seem to 
matter if this is the only client running or if others are on. 



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