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Henry Schaechterle Henry_Schaechterle at beavton.k12.or.us
Tue Dec 5 22:39:57 UTC 2006

I've just joined this email list and thought I should do a quick intro.
After about 20yrs in hi-tek (16 at Intel R+D --- Desktop R+D) I decided it
was time to bail out of my cube and do something else. I'm now starting my
3rd month at Sunset High School in the Beaverton School District located
in Beaverton Oregon. I came in as an Instructional Assistant (primarily to
provide tech support) - but after 2 months they moved me into the Tech
Facilitator role as that person was moving into a Dept. chair role.

Any way I'm having a lot of fun doing basic support (we're 85% Macs - rest
are PCs) - learning the ropes on how they network and other processes -
and doing a lot of organization etc. While I was doing engineering level
work at Intel - that is so different from handling support and network
activities ---- as I'm sure you all know.

As to my Linux experience - I've been installing and playing around with
SUSE - Mandriva - Ubuntu - and Fedora Core 6 over the past 6 months at
home. Just loading and testing the desktop environments --- I have a bit
of a grasp of the basics -- but I am not a hard-core terminal guy or
system hack. 

My goal here is to build a digital media server using Linux - digital
media server is probably not the correct term, but the primary use of this
server will be for students learning digital photography - digital video -
and to support our school year book production and publishing. So it will
be storing and serving a lot of digital media. 

I've already down loaded and imaged onto CDROMs K12 LTSP 5.0. And step one
is to load that onto a test box here and play with the server side of
things - maybe build a small test network with a PC and a Mac on it. 

The larger plan is to build the actual server in January and slowly take
it on-line slowly adding classes and students. I'll certainly be looking
for any input on how to build the server. 

Well so much for my "short" intro - I thank you for all your help in

Henry Schaechterle
Tech Facilitator
Sunset High School
503 259-5050

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