[K12OSN] Impress/Firefox very, very, very slow

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Wed Dec 6 02:03:16 UTC 2006

yeah just noticed this beagle thing on k12ltsp 6.0beta7...

is this really beneficial with an LTSP setup?


Joe Baker wrote:
> dahopkins at comcast.net wrote:
>> All,
>> After several weeks of things working well, the tech teacher is now 
>> reporting that when using both Impress and Firefox at the same time, 
>> the system becomes unusable.  The students are using Firefox to browse 
>> to sites and get pictures that are put into Impress.  This is with 30 
>> users using both packages.  We use StarOffice 8, not  the latest 00.o 
>> version.  Also, beagleindex seems to want to run as well.  The net 
>> effect is that the load average is being pushed past 50 on the 
>> system.  Just guessing, but could this be an issue with the 
>> pspfontcache or some other similar cached files getting too large?  I 
>> can try most anything to resolve it short of re-installing the OS (not 
>> till Christmas break).  We have ldap with master/slave ldap servers 
>> (thanks to Matt and David Trask).
> I would uninstall  beagle.  Having each user account building indexes of 
> all the public files on the system could lead to a huge amount of wasted 
> CPU, disk space, etc...
> Kde has something like this as well on Mandriva.  Right after I loaded 
> Mandriva 2006.0 I uninstalled the desktop search tool on our LTSP server.
> -Joe Baker
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