[K12OSN] Remote NX and SMBMOUNT

Paul Humphreys paul at vaz.co.uk
Sun Dec 10 16:37:20 UTC 2006

Dear Colleagues,
I am able to use NX on my Windows-XP computer at home, to connect over the
internet to the LTSP Server at my place of work.
All works very well, and I am happy, except...
...when I enable the local NX-client's 'services' tab intended for file
sharing, I get the following server-response:
Info: Share: '//DEVXP/paul' failed to mount: /usr/bin/nxnode: line 959:
smbmount: command not found
Has anyone come across a resolution to this one please?
In mitigation, I have done *some* online research which suggests that the
command 'smbmount' is no longer fashionable (albeit currently called from
/usr/bin/nxnode). I confirm I cannot find the file 'smbmount' on the server
--- however, it appears to me that all available SMB and SAMBA packages are
installed. [OR -- in which other package would I expect to find 'sbmmount'
should this be the remedy?]
And I have tried the alternative 'mount -t cifs //DEVXP/paul /mnt/paultemp'
without success.
I'm hoping with NX to be able to drag-and-drop files between my remote
computer and the server. Just as I can when I am on the LAN.
Interestingly, cut-and-paste of plain text works fine --- even without
explicitly sharing. But it's the equivalent for whole files I am after.
Any pointers most appreciated.
With many thanks (and Season's greetings to all)
Paul Humphreys
(still a relatively newbie user, delighted with LTSP, resident in Oxford UK)
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