[K12OSN] NX Server port 9200

Jeremy Rempel remps.jr at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 20:37:39 UTC 2006

I can connect fine to the NX Server from my workstation on the same LAN, but
when I put the server on another network, it won't work unless I forward
port 9200 on my firewall to my workstation.  I can ssh into the server fine
and all other services work properly, including vnc.  I am telling the
client to "Enable SSL encryption of all traffic", but it still tries to
connect to my workstation on port 9200 when I bring up an nx session.  I
have verified that it isn't only my workstation and that the client download
wasn't damaged.  I turned off as many services as I can on the k12ltsp
server, but can't find which service or config file is interfering.  Does
anyone know what is causing me this grief?

Jeremy Rempel
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