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Refurbished story: 

This summer my principal asked me to put together a lab of 20 computers with
almost no hardware budget (<$3000). So I have 30 PI 100 MHz, PII 500 MHz,
and Celeron 500 MHz machines (from 64MB to 128MB) that I got literally from
the scrap pile (the PI units are real antiques, 1996 IBM 360 units). With a
recommissioned Pentium Xeon server and a couple of fast switches I've turned
them all into amazingly functional workstations networked fully with Active
Directory (thanks in no small part to the help I've had from this list).
We've had about 2 weeks piloting the lab and so far so good.

Tom Wolfe

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Hi group
The district's head of instructional technology has asked me to compile
a "how can old computers be used again" using linux and open source. I
believe it's part of a county-wide effort to provide employment to
(twin-plant/maquila) displaced workers. I can rant about how-to, but I
am in short supply of links to disticts and communities where this is
being done. I also know there are vendors in the list that may want to
make sure their contribution appears, as the district will most likely
farm out the initial training and workplace set-up.

I will gladly share the results with the group, as Open Source's mantra
is about sharing information and resources.

Alan A Hodson
El Paso TX

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