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>Subject: [K12OSN] - Core 3 PDC - windows print
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>We added a Core 3 Primary Domain Controller at the High School using the D. 
>Trask instructions --- which works great (thanks)!  Students can go 
>anywhere in the school and their home folder follows them.  Now I would 
>like to add a printer that is a share off of a Windows PC (hooked to the 
>parallel port) that all the students could print to.
>Windows PC (domain login, room 1)-------> send print job ------> Windows PC 
>(domain login here as well, room 2) ------> p. port to printer.
>I can login as a student and add the printer, which works great for that 
>student - but doe's not show up for other students.  I don't want to login 
>as every student in the school and add a printer.
>Any and all advice is welcome.

In NT4/2000/XP you can create local printers for all users.  You can only 
create shares for individual users.  If you want to create a shared printer 
for all users on a machine you have to have the printer setup for the 
Default User.  Then you have to delete all of the local profiles so when a 
user logs into the machine again they get the Default User settings.

You can also share printers in XP (I am not sure about other windows OS's) 
as lpr then create a local printer on the other machines.
------------- Windows XP -----------------------------------------
Note: Will need to have "Other Network File and Print Services" Windows 
Component installed.

1. Start Registy Editor (regedit.xe)

2. Locate and click the following key in the registyr:
Where PRINTERNAME is the name of the printer that you want to configure.

3. Uset the appropriate method for your version of Microsoft Windows.
On the Edit menu, click Add Value, and then add the following registy value:
Value Name: LpdPrinterPassThrough
Data Type: REG_DWORD
Value Data: 1

4 Quit Registy Editor.

5. Stop and then restart the TCP/IP Print Server service and the Spooler 
Star -> Administrator Tools -> Services
Double click TCP/IP Print Server
Chage Startup type to automatic
If stopped then start
If started then stop, ther start.

With the other machines you can then create a local LPR port.
Note: Will need to have "Other Network File and Print Services" Windows 
Component installed.

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