[K12OSN] Re: Image creation software

James P Schwankl schwankl at chatham.k12.nc.us
Tue Dec 19 13:33:18 UTC 2006

Alex wrote:

> Good People,
> I would like to create an image of a windows system to be deployed all over my school network
> before school resumes. I have looked at Norton Ghost but my boss says that the current budget
> can't support that! Does anyone know of a free tool I could use?
> Thanks
> ALex

The two that I've used with success are udpcast and g4u (ghost4unix)



I find it easier to use udpcast when I want to copy a master machine to others via the network right then and there, although it's definitely possible to tell one of the receiver machines to take what it receives and write it to an image file rather than the hard disk.

g4u has more of the expectation that you might want to be sending your data stream to an image file on a server, but it has other options as well.

Good luck.



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