[K12OSN] More oddities with K12LTSP 6.0 rc2

Eric Harrison eharrison at mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Sun Dec 24 08:11:51 UTC 2006

Peter Deakin wrote:
> I have done a standard install ltsp 6 rc2, setting host name to LTSP-2 
> using
> setting DNS and default gateway. on first boot sendmail took about 2 min 
> to start and smclient about a 1 min.
> everything seem OK workstations booted up and I was able to log on with 
> the one account I had created.
> Investigating sendmail I noted that the /etc/hosts had some strange 
> entries at the beginning something like:
> ...8 loclhost.localdomain, this was repeated. There was no and 
> LTSP-2 had an IP of 208.67.(can't remember the rest, think it ended in 
> 40)-this was similar to the DNS serevers( that I entered 
> at install.
> I edited hosts file as below
>    LTSP-2    localhost.localdomain    localhost
>    ws001.ltsp    ws001
>    ws002.ltsp    ws002
> etc to
>    ws253.ltsp    ws253
>    server.ltsp    server
> rebooted the server and sendmail loaded without any problems
> but now when I try to log on with a user the home folder can't be found.
> I ran ltspadmin and it reported that
> /etc/hosts                            
> /etc/hosts.allow                          
> /etc/exports                            
> were not configured
> checking the files they all seemed ok, but I ran the configuration 
> anyway which double entered everything in those files, but ltspadmin was 
> happy. Rebooted the server some complaints about the double entries in 
> exports, and still no home folders.
> I have edited out the double entries and now ltspadmin is again 
> reporting that those files are not configured. I have not tried it again 
> since as I  am now at home. I guess it may be just one of those odd 
> installation glitches, or may be that odd IP address has got in some 
> config file and editing it out of hosts has screwed things up?  As there 
> is no data on there yet I may just do a reinstall, but if anyone can 
> shed any light as to what may have gone wrong or has an easy fix?
> Peter Deakin

My guess is that you selected IPv6 ("....8 localhost.localdomain" looks 
a lot like a IPv6 loopback address). I can envision all sorts of weird 
things happing if you have half your config files with a IPv4 address 
and the other half with a IPv6 address.

If you do a reinstall, make sure not to select that you use IPv6.

If this were my system, I'd run "System -> Administration -> Network" 
and make sure that each interface is configured properly (i.e. "Enable 
IPv6..." is not checked if you don't use IPv6, the correct 
IP/Netmask/Gateway are set on your static IP addresses, etc, etc).

I'd then check that /etc/fstab, /etc/hosts, /etc/exports, 
/etc/resolv.conf & /etc/dhcpd-k12ltsp.conf are all correct.


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