[K12OSN] client resolution using vesa driver

Rob Owens hick518 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 31 15:56:25 UTC 2006


I'm having the same problem, only it's not with the
vesa driver.  I had an old "real3d" card in a thin
client and it only produced 800x600 max.  I thought it
was a problem w/ the card, so I swapped in a newer
card from another system, and I'm still stuck with
800x600 max. 

In my lts.conf file, I specify 1280x1024 resolution
(which I know this card is capable of).  I don't have
a full modeline, because I'm not sure how to pick a
proper one for my lcd monitor.

I'll keep playing around w/ it and see if I get


Petre wrote:

I've installed FC6 (K12LTSP but without installing the
LTSP parts) on a machine that I also use as a client
for my K12LTSP 5 server. The FC6 correctly detects the
Via video chipset on the motherboard, and in the
xorg.conf file it uses the vesa driver. With this, it
gives me a 1600x1200 resolution, which I like.
However, as a client to my K12LTSP 5 server, during
bootup, it says it cannot identify the video hardware
and so it is falling back to using the vesa driver.
That would seem to be okay since that's what the FC6
is using. But I can't get the resolution to be any
higher than 800x600, despite various changes in the
lts.conf file. Why would that be, since both are using
the vesa driver?


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