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[K12OSN] OT: OpenOffice Impress Woes - Any Ideas?


Hello. Recently the computer course in our middle school started working on OpenOffice Impress. All of the presentation portion is working fine, including making outlines, etc. However, as soon as individuals start adding pictures or animations the program just closes. Then when you reopen Impress it tries to recover the file and fails.

I haven't seen this happen first hand, but the computer teacher says this is happening. The students are importing only .jpeg (.jpg) format pictures. He also says that the program is not working properly as far as slide change timing and such. The biggest issue right now is Impress closing after students are importing and/or dragging and dropping pictures. Any suggestions on something to test or a solution would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


PS - We are using Ubuntu 6.06 with LTSP. The computers are thin clients.

Paul VanGundy
Director of Technology
Epping School District
P: 603.679.8003 x105
F: 603.679.2196
vangundypw sau14 k12 nh us

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