[K12OSN] Hello

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Wed Dec 6 16:35:59 UTC 2006

> You might want to check out the new 64Studio distribution, which is 
> billed as "a specialist distribution with a collection of software 
> for digital content creation".  There's information available on it 
> at distrowatch.com.
> Best of luck on your new position and your project.

I just read on linuxaudio.org yesterday that 64Studio will be joining forces
with mUbuntu and starting Ubuntu Studio http://www.ubuntustudio.com.

I would follow that closely, if it is anything like the other ubuntu distros,
it should be awesome.  We have a digital video/graphic arts program at our
school, and this really grabbed my attention.

For OSX and Windows clients, you'll be more than happy with any Linux distro
as the server and using SMB.  However, there seems to be a bug with "Drop"
folders using smb in OSX.  Folders with no read and only write privileges do
not work right.  So you will still have to us netatalk for that.  I would
recommend Fedora, most of the newer kernels do not have appletalk compiled
into the kernel.  Fedora makes it easy to install kernel-unsupported and make
appletalk work.

Hope that helps.

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