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RE: [K12OSN] MS box can't locate samba-ldap domain - dns issue?

Most Konica/Minolta copier/printers support PostScript printing.  If you give me the model number of the printer, I can likely find the details you need.

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Subject: [K12OSN] MS box can't locate samba-ldap domain - dns issue?

I just moved dhcp services for our main network to a fedora box running dhcp (our Actiontec DSL modem used to do it). When I did this my single Microsoft machine (win2k) that students used to print to our konica copier* ( with their samba/ldap authenticated logins) stopped letting them login.
When I attempt to join my domain with the MS machine, the domain cannot be located. It says I have a DNS problem. I have been reading up on that actiontec and it seems that it did some DNS work.
I have been very successful up to this point keeping my 4 K12LTSP servers and 1 samba/ldap PDC running with a total of 40 clients without having a solid understanding of linux microsoft/networking. Can anyone direct me to a tutorial/reading/resource that will help a newbie at this get it working?
*if you have any ideas about printing to PCL5/6 printers/copiers from linux that would great too.. our linux machines lock up the copier's print controller when they print directly to the copier.
Nick Fenger
Technology Coordinator/ Technology Teacher
Trillium Charter School, Portland, OR


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