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dahopkins at comcast.net dahopkins at comcast.net
Thu Dec 7 15:18:53 UTC 2006

Sorry for the late response, but the issue is that firefox will not launch saying that an instance is already running, but ... there are no instances of firefox running on the server at all, for any user. (at least using ps -eax  | grep firefox to locate instances).  The tech teacher has agreed to try upgrading to firefox 2.0 tomorrow afternoon for her last twoclasses of the day (I can do the upgrade during lunch period, I hope).  That said, I guess I will need to download an rpm or add a repository since yum isn't showing an upgrade to 2.0 as an option.

Dave Hopkins

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> Hi Dave, 
> This is not an automagic fix, but, you can do in a terminal "top". 
> Look for the username that Firefox is hangin for,in the process 
> list[firefox-bin]. then see process number, then in a terminal do 
> " kill -9 ". 
> This will kill ONE running instance of Firefox for that user,,,or,, open 
> techertool > highlight username >View> Then stop Firefox-bin for that 
> user. Either way its a lot of leg work for you ,with many users hanging 
> on Firefox.. Dont know of an automated way of doing this. 
> This will at least let Firefox work again for them without rebooting the 
> server and then really catching all sorts of guff:).. 
> Hope this helps. 
> Barry Cisna 
> westcentral school 
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