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Re: [K12OSN] Disabling screen saver?

To turn off the password lock on the screensaver, install the gconf-editor ('yum install gconf-editor'). Then, in gconf-editor, go to apps->gnome-screensaver, uncheck 'lock_enabled'. Then, right-click on lock_enabled and choose 'mandatory' to force this change on all users. If you make it 'default' it will set it that way as the default, but it won't prevent some smart-alec kid from turning the lock on his screensaver back on; 'mandatory' prevents this.

To remotely logout users, run fl_teachertool. Note that you have to do a tiny bit of configuration to allow anyone other than root to logout users. Google for teachertool and you'll get Robert Arkiletian's page that includes the steps to set that up (he wrote it).


Jim Anderson wrote:
Is there a way to globally disable the screensavers for all users in
K12LTSP?  Some of my users leave the computer room without logging out
and other users cannot log in unless the terminal is rebooted.  I would
like to also remotely log out users so that there is not promlem with
locked files/runaway processes that cause problems for other users.

K12LTSP v.5.0
Dell Pentium D 2.8 GHz, 2 GB RAM
24 GX1 clients


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