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Paul Nelson pnelson.k12 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 9 00:22:00 UTC 2006

Hi Henry,

I'd be happy to help out. In fact, since you are in a school district
that I support, you can call me and ask for help anytime!

Be sure to checkout the online digital photo course at:

I can create a moodle course for you on the NWRESD server and you can
have your students participate online.

;-) Paul Nelson

On 12/5/06, Henry Schaechterle <Henry_Schaechterle at beavton.k12.or.us> wrote:
>  I've just joined this email list and thought I should do a quick intro.
> After about 20yrs in hi-tek (16 at Intel R+D --- Desktop R+D) I decided it
> was time to bail out of my cube and do something else. I'm now starting my
> 3rd month at Sunset High School in the Beaverton School District located in
> Beaverton Oregon. I came in as an Instructional Assistant (primarily to
> provide tech support) - but after 2 months they moved me into the Tech
> Facilitator role as that person was moving into a Dept. chair role.
>  Any way I'm having a lot of fun doing basic support (we're 85% Macs - rest
> are PCs) - learning the ropes on how they network and other processes - and
> doing a lot of organization etc. While I was doing engineering level work at
> Intel - that is so different from handling support and network activities
> ---- as I'm sure you all know.
>  As to my Linux experience - I've been installing and playing around with
> SUSE - Mandriva - Ubuntu - and Fedora Core 6 over the past 6 months at home.
> Just loading and testing the desktop environments --- I have a bit of a
> grasp of the basics -- but I am not a hard-core terminal guy or system hack.
>  My goal here is to build a digital media server using Linux - digital media
> server is probably not the correct term, but the primary use of this server
> will be for students learning digital photography - digital video - and to
> support our school year book production and publishing. So it will be
> storing and serving a lot of digital media.
>  I've already down loaded and imaged onto CDROMs K12 LTSP 5.0. And step one
> is to load that onto a test box here and play with the server side of things
> - maybe build a small test network with a PC and a Mac on it.
>  The larger plan is to build the actual server in January and slowly take it
> on-line slowly adding classes and students. I'll certainly be looking for
> any input on how to build the server.
>  Well so much for my "short" intro - I thank you for all your help in
> advance
>  Henry Schaechterle
>  Tech Facilitator
>  Sunset High School
>  503 259-5050
>  x2410
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