[K12OSN] Using NX as a client solution - Problem with sound.

David Whitmer thewhitmers at gmail.com
Sat Dec 9 14:47:53 UTC 2006

On 12/8/06, Theo Turner <Theo.Turner at cumnorhouse.com> wrote:
> I asked this a little while ago and got no reply but later found half my
> email was being swallowed as 'spam'. So I'll ask again and hopefully
> more clearly.
> I am using a K12LTSP V5 with a fairly standard install. I.e it has 2
> nics and is set up for LTSP, but I don't actually plug anything into the
> client nic. I connect all my clients using the nx client. I do this
> because I have this set up in a school that is still very dependant on
> windows. I have so far half converted the preprep. So I need to have the
> ICT lab capable of switching from Windows to Linux and back very quick.
> My solution is to use the free nx server on the K12 box and then use the
> windows client. To make this kidy friendly I have changed the windows
> GUI for a user called 'kid' to a custom one I modified from so
> downloaded vb source code. When this user logs on they have a logoff
> button at the bottom of the screen and an Icon to launch the nx client
> with the settings and password already entered. This log on takes
> 15seconds even when a class of 20 come in at once. Everything works
> great, screen refresh is fast, much faster than VNC even over local
> network. Even sound works so everyone is happy. I have joined the K12
> box to the windows 2K domain so staff can access their network documents
> etc. But the preprep children's accounts are local so as not to make the
> system dependant on the windows domain at all. This side of the system
> works brilliantly and bar a niggle or two over a couple of specific apps
> I am very pleased.
> I have a problem though when I try to do the same thing using a Linux
> machine as the client. I want to have knopptix installed to some old
> PC's that were donated and use these as clients to access the K12
> desktop in the same way as the windows PC's do. All works except sound!
> I have no idea why it doesn't work as local sound is working fine. If
> anyone can think of anything on this one I would be greatful.
> For info the biggest reason I had for not using the standard LTSP client
> model is that this required me to reach each client with a network
> connection run from this server. I have a sprawling network and need
> clients all over the place and didn't want to have to install extra
> cables to remote parts of the school. The nx client connects over the
> same network as the rest of the school network. It was for me cheaper
> and easer to upgrade some of the core switches to gigabit instead.
> Thanks
> Theo Turner


I'm assuming you're using NoMachine's Linux client.

I think I once read, either in their web site's knowledgebase or on
the freenx mail list archives, that sound doesn't work for the Linux
NX client.  Though, I read that over a year ago.

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