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Re: [K12OSN] Replacing old AGP card

you can get ati rage 5200 for cheap

Rob Owens wrote:
Some of my thin clients have old AGP cards that cannot
display 1280x1024, so I'm looking to upgrade them. How good of a card should I be looking for? I'm
suspecting that my motherboard might be a limiting
factor if I get too high-end of a video card.

The thin clients are old PII machines.  The AGP slot
has a "divider" that is closer to the monitor
connector than to the opposite end of the card (I know
the position of the "divider" makes a difference, I'm
just not sure what exactly it means).

In my price range are 2x, 4x, and 8x cards with 32,
64, or 128 MB RAM.  I'd like to get the best I can,
without wasting money on a card that gets crippled by
my motherboard.
Any suggestions are welcome.


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