[K12OSN] Kill all your users

Steven Santos steven at simplycircus.com
Tue Dec 12 02:33:39 UTC 2006

As useful as this is, I think it would make a nice addition to K12LTSP if we
could have a set of central log on and lof off script where a lot of this
could be done consistiantly across the different desktops.

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> fwiw: i do a lot with Xsession for login too..i can force password chanage
> from  either windows or linux..by ldapsearch of sambapaswdMustChange field
> just before exec icewm..also check for disabled user there with ldapsearch
> fro sambaacctFlags [DUX] so one ield prohibits a disabled user on both
> linux and windows side...
> i'd guess a little research would give the same effect on the
> logout side too
> chuck
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