[K12OSN] netBoot Macintosh OS X

GEORGE.ADAMS at spps.org GEORGE.ADAMS at spps.org
Tue Dec 12 14:18:48 UTC 2006

I am new to this list and hope that this hasn't already been covered.
While setting up a testing LTSP system I have set up both Macs and PCs. I 
was hoping to find the minimal software I could install on an older Mac to 
allow me to connect to the LTSP server. I ran across a couple of 
references to netBooting and tried doing that on a G3 iBook connected to 
the LTSP network. It worked without installing X11 or starting up Mac OS 
X. I couldn't get this to work from a G4 iBook. My LTSP setup was 
originally set up last Spring so I think it is version 4. Would version 5 
allow the netBooting of the G4 iBook?
Is there a UNIX that can be installed on old Macs that would allow 
connection to LTSP without the overhead of Mac OS X?
If Mac OS X and X11 are installed is there a way to open X11 and pass the 
query command to it automatically using AppleScript, Automator or shell 
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