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[K12OSN] Need guidance on next steps ...

I've just got K12 LTSP 5.0 loaded on a PC at our school -- install went smooth - I did a custom install adding server packages etc. I'm on the schools network (obviously I'm in DHCP mode) and have connectivity to the net.

I have 2 immediate next steps:

1 - Run updates to get everything updated ---- running the Package Updater give an error message - Unable to retrieve update info
unable to retrieve software info  ----  Network Issue ?

As mentioned I have network connectivity via the browser ---- not sure if there may be firewall issues upsteam ?

Suggestions ?

2. Start to configure the system into a basic file server:
        -Goal #1 is to get another PC running XP to login and have access to a folder / file share
        -Goal #2 do the same thing with a Mac running OSX

A lot of the files on      http://k12linux.org/network.html         seem to lead to the dreaded 404 page. Any suggestions on were to start or where to find documentation germane to this distribution -- Help

Lastly -----  Can any of you recommend some Linux books or generic reference books on networking (from newbs to intermediate levels)  --- I used to do this stuff 16yrs ago but man have I forgot a bunch of stuff


Henry Schaechterle
Tech Facilitator
Sunset High School
503 259-5050

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