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Re: [K12OSN] Need guidance on next steps ...

Henry Schaechterle wrote:

I've just got K12 LTSP 5.0 loaded on a PC at our school -- install went smooth - I did a custom install adding server packages etc. I'm on the schools network (obviously I'm in DHCP mode) and have connectivity to the net.

I have 2 immediate next steps:

1 - Run updates to get everything updated ---- running the Package Updater give an error message - Unable to retrieve update info
unable to retrieve software info  ----  Network Issue ?

As mentioned I have network connectivity via the browser ---- not sure if there may be firewall issues upsteam ?

Suggestions ?

Do you have a proxying firewall at your school? In my case I need to modify /etc/yum.conf by adding one line to the [main] section:


I also needed to add a line to root's .bashrc:

export http_proxy=http://my.proxy.com:8000

Use the appropriate proxy & port for your situation, of course.
Need to source in .bashrc again for the change to take effect.
Found that advice on Google and it seemed to work.
The syntax seemed to be picky; the trailing slash in one case and not in the other seemed to matter for some reason.

good luck

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