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[K12OSN] TuxPaint 0.9.16 vs. KidPix a teachers perspective

Hi all,

One of our teachers took the time to do a side by side comparison of TuxPaint and KidPix. I thought it was well done, and I thought I would pass it along. If anyone can help me locate resources that would answer/fix some of the criticisms she had I'd be interested. We just might have a convert if I could help her along.

The Teacher says:

"here are a few different things in Tux Paint that KidPix doesn't have that are nice:
The magic function (but it selects outside the area you want to edit sometimes, i.e.. lighten/darken)   Realistic stamps - stamps have more size options (but no index, have to scroll through everything) The undo function goes back more than one step (nice!) Slide show easy to set up, but can't save it.

"There are some things [TuxPaint] doesn't have [that KidPix does] that are useful: 

- Text is not reselectable/movable once you switch to a different function No backgrounds to select (KidPix has a lot)
- Not as many characters to select - for illustrating a story (would like more in KidPix even)
- Not as many colors to select to use; no texture to select within each color
Kids can't save to their [own] file - every station would have everyone's art - and can be deleted by anyone
- There isn't an import option to bring in pictures saved from the internet or a digital camera.

To sum up:

"I see Tux Paint as a fun alternative in creating some computer art.  It doesn't have the file management capabilities KidPix offers, or some of it's artistic options. "

I am downloading TuxPaint on my workstation and I'll see if I can figure out how to do some of the things that our teacher wants kids to do. Perhaps you all have some ideas or resources I could pass along?



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