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Re: [K12OSN] TuxPaint 0.9.16 vs. KidPix a teachers perspective

Thanks for the feedback. We have the lab in question set up using windows. In this age group (k-5) students login with a  user-name based on the teacher for that class. So all 28 kids log in as "smith" for example. Inside of the "smith" folder on a network share called k:\Smith is another directory with each students name on it. Students drop work in that directory. This isn't the ideal set up, but for various historical reasons that is the convention we use. AFAIK because you can't "save-as" you can't name  the image to differentiate it from other kids work. Short of providing logins for all the k-3 set who generally use this I don't see a way around it.

What do you think?

As a side note, my goal is to replace this lab with an LTSP set up, but I need to have analogs for those things which are favorites. KidPix and Type to learn are big ones. Has anyone ever tried to run these under cross-over office?


On 12/12/06, Samps <samps unplugd com> wrote:
Quoting john  <lists john gmail com>:

>> - Kids can't save to their [own] file - every station would have everyone's
> art - and can be deleted by anyone
> - There isn't an import option to bring in pictures saved from the internet
> or a digital camera.

Have a look at the 'savedir=' option in the doko, it'll do the trick:



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