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Re: [K12OSN] /etc/fstab + mount question.

What happens when you run 'mount -a' with the nfs mount in /etc/fstab?


Frank Lee wrote:
Good Morning.

This seems so simple, yet I can't seem to get it. I've had K12LTSP up and running no problem for some time now. The only thing that I could never get to work was getting /etc/fstab to mount the server partition automatically when the computer boots. This has not been a problem until this winter when we seem to be losing power every weekend. I'd rather have it work on boot than to reenter the mount command.

This command run from the command line works like a charm:

[root server]# mount server.domain.org:/Network/Servers/server.domain.org/Volumes/StudentShare/Students /Network/Servers/server.domain.org/Volumes/StudentShare/Students

However, adding this to the /etc/fstab and then on reboot to test, doesn't work ([failed] on boot):

server.domain.org:/Network/Servers/server.domain.org/Volumes/StudentShare/Students /Network/Servers/server.domain.org/Volumes/StudentShare/Students nfs auto,user,exec,rw,sync 0 0

I also tried changing nfs filesystem type to auto in /etc/fstab (also [failed] on boot):

Attempting to run the original mount command after the change in /etc/fstab predictably returns the following error-F

[root server]# mount server.domain.org:/Network/Servers/server.domain.org/Volumes/StudentShare/Students /Network/Servers/server.domain.org/Volumes/StudentShare/Students mount: server.domain.org:/Network/Servers/server.domain.org/Volumes/StudentShare/Students already mounted or /Network/Servers/server.domain.org/Volumes/StudentShare/Students busy mount: according to mtab, server.domain.org:/Network/Servers/server.domain.org/Volumes/StudentShare/Students is already mounted on /Network/Servers/server.domain.org/Volumes/StudentShare/Students

I'm running the latest flavor K12LTSP 4.2 and the mount point is a share on a MacOSX server.


Frank P. Lee
Old Orchard Beach Schools

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