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best way is to edit this file


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>My understanding Mel is that the easiest method is by creating a dummy 
>user and configuring all you want 'default' with that user and then copy 
>all of their config files to the /skel folder, which is where defaults 
>come from when creating new users.
>If anyone that has actually DONE this could confirm or correct that'd be 
>great, as I have never done this, just going by memory from previous 
>posts on the topic.
>Mel Wade wrote:
>> Thanks for the enlightenment...  I'll sit tight with the version I have.
>> I'm still looking for how to set homepages, etc system wide.
>> This is and area where moving from Windows is difficult...  In windows
>> could do a lot with policies (even for Firefox), but I don't see an 
>> equivelent on Linux.
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