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Re: [K12OSN] NX Server port 9200

On 12/15/06, Jeremy Rempel <remps jr gmail com> wrote:
I can connect fine to the NX Server from my workstation on the same LAN, but
when I put the server on another network, it won't work unless I forward
port 9200 on my firewall to my workstation.  I can ssh into the server fine
and all other services work properly, including vnc.  I am telling the
client to "Enable SSL encryption of all traffic", but it still tries to
connect to my workstation on port 9200 when I bring up an nx session.  I
have verified that it isn't only my workstation and that the client download
wasn't damaged.  I turned off as many services as I can on the k12ltsp
server, but can't find which service or config file is interfering.  Does
anyone know what is causing me this grief?

Jeremy Rempel

Perhaps the page at the following link will help:

In our setup, I've had no trouble connecting to our school's K12LTSP
servers that are running freenx from over the Internet, with the
client set to "Enable SSL encryption of all traffic".

David Whitmer
Director of Media & Technology
Calvary Schools of Holland (Michigan)
web: www.calvaryschoolsholland.org
email: thewhitmers gmail com

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