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Re: [K12OSN] Wiki?

Some pages seem to be missing, apparently denoted by the link being in red rather than blue. For example the page on autologin with gdm links to just a blank wiki page--I really hope I don't have to write that one over, the details are already fuzzy in my mind.

I second Steve's suggestion that the whole website be moved to a wiki.


Dan Young wrote:
OK, here's a first cut at the k12ltsp.org wiki in MediaWiki. MediaWiki
is, of course, the wiki used by Wikipedia.


User accounts will need to be created. The old ones were not
transferred. Anonymous editing is not allowed; wiki-spam has been a
problem on phpwiki.

Your feedback/praise/threats/screams are desired, although requests for
a different wiki engine will probably not be feasible without a detailed
plan for migration from phpwiki. Thanks!

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