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[K12OSN] [SOLVED?] Odd wireless mouse behaviour

On 13/12/06, Sudev Barar <sbarar gmail com> wrote:
I recently got Microsoft (I know not the best names here but they do
sell decent hardware also) wireless keyboard mouse. This is a model
with only one USB plug on the transmitter rather than traditional two
plugs (one for keyboard and one for mouse). I just plug it in and
booted the terminal and thing works BUT only about once in four
attempts!  If I plug in
another USB mouse at this point of time (without rebooting) that mouse
works without problems while this mouse continues up/down only

Okay this is what I have done so far and  it seems to work...

I noticed on study of /var/log/messages that wehenever hiddev driver
got loaded before usbmouse driver the mouse behaves normally. If the
usbmouse driver gets loaded first then mouse gets stuck. For the
curious I am giving two sequences of thin client boot below for
details the first one is when mouse fails and the second one when it

To force HIDDEV to load before USBMOUSE I edited the file
/opt/ltsp/i386/etc/rc.usb and modified the 11th line from:

    for module in keybdev mousedev input usbmouse usbkbd

chnged to:

    for module in usbhid hiddev keybdev mousedev input usbmouse usbkbd

This way usbhid drivers gets loaded and then hiddev driver gets loaded
and then usbmouse and then usbkbd. Without loading USBHID the HIDDEV
does not work. And all these are part of USBCORE.

Can others confirm that this also works for them and Jim/Scott note this?

Sudev Barar

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