[K12OSN] - Core 3 PDC - windows print

Larry McPherson lmcpherson at mail.sumner.k12.me.us
Mon Dec 18 18:59:50 UTC 2006

We added a Core 3 Primary Domain Controller at the High School using the 
D. Trask instructions --- which works great (thanks)!  Students can go 
anywhere in the school and their home folder follows them.  Now I would 
like to add a printer that is a share off of a Windows PC (hooked to the 
parallel port) that all the students could print to.

Windows PC (domain login, room 1)-------> send print job ------> Windows 
PC (domain login here as well, room 2) ------> p. port to printer.

I can login as a student and add the printer, which works great for that 
student - but doe's not show up for other students.  I don't want to 
login as every student in the school and add a printer.

Any and all advice is welcome.


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