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Re: [K12OSN] - Core 3 PDC - windows print

Normally I add the printers to the windows machines as administrator when I create the image. Then it is there ready to use, no matter which user logs on. You should still be able to do this...by logging on 'local machine' as administrator and adding the printer.


Larry McPherson wrote:
We added a Core 3 Primary Domain Controller at the High School using the D. Trask instructions --- which works great (thanks)! Students can go anywhere in the school and their home folder follows them. Now I would like to add a printer that is a share off of a Windows PC (hooked to the parallel port) that all the students could print to.

Windows PC (domain login, room 1)-------> send print job ------> Windows PC (domain login here as well, room 2) ------> p. port to printer.

I can login as a student and add the printer, which works great for that student - but doe's not show up for other students. I don't want to login as every student in the school and add a printer.

Any and all advice is welcome.


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