[K12OSN] cups AllowGroup problem

Klaus Ade Johnstad klaus at skolelinux.no
Tue Dec 19 09:16:48 UTC 2006

Tirsdag 19 desember 2006 06:04, skrev Peter Hartmann:
> Strange.....AllowUser works perfectly and AllowGroup does not.  Would
> anyone know how to troubleshoot that?  I can see in the error_log the
> user getting denyed, but nothing else of interest.   I have a feeling
> that it's ldap related.  cups and ltsp are on one machine, samba/ldap
> on another.
> Thanks,
> Peter

I'm not sure if there is such a thing as «AllowGroup». Atleast on Debian 
Sarge when I want to allow a certain group to print or not, I use @ to 
prefix the groupname, like this:
AllowUser @students
AllowUser johnny

BTW I also use ldap, so that isn't a problem.

Klaus Ade
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