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Re: [K12OSN] Advocacy in Curriculum


At what age/grade should we start them on command line, in your (anyone's) opinion?


On 12/19/06, Robert Arkiletian <robark gmail com> wrote:
I encourage teachers to add Linux command line skills to their IT
course curriculum's. Look what this latest IT Job Market research

"All this migration to Linux and open source means that job openings
are zooming. Based on Dice statistics, Linux as a recommended skill is
up 51% this year, and roughly 150% in the last two years."

Robert Arkiletian
Eric Hamber Secondary, Vancouver, Canada
Fl_TeacherTool http://www3.telus.net/public/robark/Fl_TeacherTool/
C++ GUI tutorial http://www3.telus.net/public/robark/

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