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Re: [K12OSN] Dropbox question

Perhaps I misunderstand the requirements, but how about this:

1. Create a folder under /home called dropbox.
2. Set the owner and group for /home dropbox to the ID & primary group of the teacher. 3. Set the permissions on /home/dropbox to 2777. This will allow the students to put their files into dropbox, and the group for those files will become that of the teacher. 4. Make sure the default umask is 002. This is the default for regular (non-system) users. 5. Create a symlink to /home/dropbox in each student's ~/Desktop/ folder. You could put a script in /etc/profile.d/ that looks for the symlink and if it doesn't exist, creates it.

Now when students log in, they'll always have a folder on their desktop that is a symlink to the dropbox directory/folder. They can put their files in that; the teacher, who will also have such a symlinked folder on the desktop, can read, write, and delete all the student files in there. And while the students can read each others files, they can only delete their own. This method requires no script-via-cron to change the permissions all the time. If you're worried about students deleting the whole /home/dropbox folder, they can't since they'd have to delete all the files within first, and they can't do that; you might need to put a hidden file owned by root in there to prevent someone from deleting it while it's empty.


dahopkins comcast net wrote:

Thanks for the response and the script.  I was kind-of suspecting that I would need such a solution, and very grateful that you already have it!

sorry about the form of the response.  comcast has again placed k12osn redhat com on a blacklist as spam and until I can convince them otherwise, I have to watch the listserve manually, then compose emails to respond as needed. Aaargghh!!

Dave Hopkins

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