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[K12OSN] school web2 tools & add-ons to k12ltsp server

Hi All :-)

first it's a little off topic for this list, BUT because i find it so helpful
(especially in the TS environment) that i think we can add some of
these Web 2 tools to one of the browser's favorites or maybe add
them to the wiki site. or some how have a virtual package that adds
these "tools" (sites) to the system.

basically, i think it takes the load off the server when i use online:
word processor,  spreadsheet,  ajax chat,  whiteboard,  emails,
calendars, media (files) storage...

so here is some of the tools i use...
School Track - http://creator.zoho.com/raffic/school-track/
My Library - http://zohocreator.com/raffic/my-library/
Issue Tracker - http://creator.zoho.com/raffic/issue-tracker

all google's tools : docs & spreadsheets, calendar, site builder, photos

two excellent links which gives nice overview to many tools:

i really hope you all find it useful :-)

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