[K12OSN] SOLVED ! Sabayon limitations and keyboard layout

Meelis Mihhailov meelis at nlib.ee
Thu Dec 21 11:24:18 UTC 2006

OK it seems that I have solved this issue. 

First why the XKB was disabled ?

Because when I was configuring the user accounts over sabayon utility a temporary session was created. This is the reason why my tmp session could not load my keyboard information and this is why I could not create custom layout settings for user account profile. 

How did I solve this ?

As some of you know I'm using so called "create-destroy" solution on home directories. So my solution was that I erased all the content from a users' home directory, logged in and default information was created with sabayon limitations. Now I had my keyboard indikator as well on the panel and managed to set custom settings. After that I used tar to make a tar file of the home directory and so the system started to work as I needed. 

The funny thing about sabayon setting was that when I created an icon on the panel and saved the account information it was not replaced with the old one. In temporaty session I could see the changes but when logging in from the terminal the old information was still there and no changes were made. New information was accepted after I removed the home/user content and let the system create new data. 

meelis at nlib.ee

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