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Re: [K12OSN] Dropbox question

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On Dec 20, 2006, at 6:51 PM, Peter Scheie wrote:

Perhaps I misunderstand the requirements, but how about this:

1. Create a folder under /home called dropbox.
2. Set the owner and group for /home dropbox to the ID & primary group of the teacher. 3. Set the permissions on /home/dropbox to 2777. This will allow the students to put their files into dropbox, and the group for those files will become that of the teacher. 4. Make sure the default umask is 002. This is the default for regular (non-system) users. 5. Create a symlink to /home/dropbox in each student's ~/Desktop/ folder. You could put a script in /etc/profile.d/ that looks for the symlink and if it doesn't exist, creates it.

OR you could simply let student's email the teacher the file. For the dropbox scenario, I find this much simpler.

Either way, the problem is that setuid doesn't work on folders, since that would create quite the havoc with user quotas.

One mandatory suggestion if you want to do it this way, set the sitcky bit, making the permissions 3777. This will prevent students from deleting one another's files.

IMHO, shared folders are better designed for letting a users share files, not for transferring files. One to many or many to many, not one to one. For all folders that you don't want totally private you make the group a non private group.

3750 (group read-only)
3770 (group read-write)
3775 (group read-write, public read-only)

root:root 1777 (publicly writable temp folder)

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