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Re: Rép. : [K12OSN] Any how-to page for: Users home dir on win2k3 ser ver?

Ryan Hackl wrote:
I've checked.  Nothing there (at http://www.k12ltsp.org/phpwiki/) yet (unless I've missed it).
Also, is http://k12ltsp.howtoz.net/ having some troubles? I can't access it. Might my answer be there?
No, you're answer isn't there. Gavin's pages are available via the Wayback Machine at internetarchive.org, but he didn't have anything on working with W2K.

The ubuntu link that was given in the mailing list (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ActiveDirectoryWinbindHowto) is very helpful, but might be the reason we move away from k12ltsp and towards ubuntu.
My impression from mailing list discussions is that k12 is more stable, so I'd like to solve the 'home dir on win2k3 server' through k12.

I think the consensus is just that: Ubuntu is showing promise, and the way it implements LTSP is the way all distros in the future will likely do so. However, today, K12LTSP is more stable and polished.


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